Open Access Education programs for outreach International Physics Collaborations
03 Feb 2019



Arturo Sanchez, ICTP + CERN (University of Udine, ATLAS Experiment)




Parallel Session 1: Equality and Diversity Communications  ​
Tuesday 10 April 10:15 - 12:0​​0

Working in large scientific collaboration and being from a country in the developing world is always a success for science and society. However, diversity in scientific collaborations is yet needed, and it is one of the key aims of many outreach programs. The idea of presenting sciences -like that one performs at the LHC at CERN- as a right that everybody should be able to do if she or he would like to do so, must be accompanied with tangible and consistent efforts on providing the right information and tools to as many people as possible, literally. Since 5+ years we* have been delivering high-level training to students and early-career professionals in Europe and the Americas on Computer Sciences and Data Analysis and High Energy Physics. The overall program includes online courses, seminars and hands-on workshops, local visits of instructors to universities and public events as well as students' mobility to events and
international schools. 

All this effort include the development of Open Data and Open Source tools, apps and software that have been tested and tunning dozens of times in very different environments. Environments like classrooms in Venezuela, passing for other countries in
Latin-America and North-America, all the way to universities in Europe and advanced scientific facilities like CERN in Switzerland. We present the programs, the developments and tools, the results, press and plans to extend the program to more institutions, more users and more ​countries in the rest of the World.

*we = ATLAS Open Data program + CEVALE2VE outreach group + ICTP PWF program

Contact: Fletcher, Sara (STFC,RAL,ISIS)