BTM Willis Prize 2014 - nominations open!
19 Feb 2014



The BTM Willis Prize was established by IOP Neutron Scattering Group and the Faraday Division of the Royal Society of Chemistry to recognize outstanding neutron scattering science.




he prize is named in honour of the founding chairman of the Neutron Scattering Group, Professor B T M Willis.​

The prize is awarded annually, in conjunction with the annual Neutron and Muon Beam Users Meeting, NMUM.

The prize is awarded to an individual in recognition of a single outstanding piece of work, or a longer term coherent body of work, in the application of neutron scattering to a significant problem in physics, chemistry, materials science, earth science, the life sciences, or engineering, or alternatively in recognition of a major development in​ neutron scattering instrumentation or techniques.

The recipient of the prize will normally be a young scientist, i.e. in the
first 12 years of a research career (allowing for career breaks) e.g. following the award of a first degree, who has made a substantial contribution to the development or reputation of physics / Chemistry / Biology in the UK or Ireland.

Deadline: Friday 7 March 2014
Please forward your nominations to NSG Secretary & Treasurer
Dr Tatiana Guidi (