Dark Matter: when art met science
03 Feb 2019



Miriam Huckschlag, Barbara Warmbein and Christian Schwanenberger, DESY



Parallel Session 4: Unconventional Outreach - ​STEM and Art
Tuesday 9 April 14:45 - 16:3​0​​​​

Creative collisions on the DESY campus: fifteen artists from all across Germany got together with dark matter hunting scientists from DESY for the research centre’s first art-meets-science event ”Dark Matter” in autumn 2017. Their works, ranging from a walk-in dark matter experience, a sound installation in the HERA tunnel, photography,installations, paintings and 3-D objects to a real collision, were shown in test halls, shafts and on campus. They were combined with presentations about science and art and the short film programme ”Dark Matters” for the first international Dark Matter Day. The exhibition was a resounding success not only because it met its primary goal of cracking a new target audience (the art crowd), but also because it led to genuine exchange between artists and scientists and the insight that while the worlds seem far removed, the methods can be very similar. There are plans for follow-up projects.

Contact: Fletcher, Sara (STFC,RAL,ISIS)