Biology Laboratories
26 Oct 2009



ISIS houses a biology laboratory in each target station, providing specialist equipment and expertise for the preparation, characterisation and handling of biological and biochemical samples.

The R80 Biology Lab


These may include nucleic acids, proteins, lipids and bacterial cell cultures. We assist visiting scientists in preparing, checking, and optimising samples for ISIS instrument beam time. Work in these laboratories also focuses on the development of experimental methods and assisting users with data analysis and experimental design.


We currently operate at Containment Level 1. The TS2 biolab is built to Containment Level 2 standards with a cell culture suite and Class II microbiological safety cabinet. Please contact us well in advance of your visit if you wish to carry out Hazard Group 2 work. This is to allow for the necessary approvals and HSE notification.

Access to both biolabs is restricted. Before your visit to ISIS contact the biolab manager to schedule your work, get safety and ERA approval and arrange your laboratory induction and equipment training. Once you have completed this biolab access will be added to your swipe-card.

TS1 (R55) Biolab

TS2 (R80) Biolab

Other biological facilities are available across site at the Research Complex, a multidisciplinary laboratory that caters for both the physical and life sciences. Collaborations for work between the Research Complex and ISIS are possible but please contact the biolab manager to arrange this.

Research Complex at Harwell


We house a wide range of equipment. Facilities include a Containment Level 2 cell culture suite, cold room, Langmuir-Blodgett troughs for sample preparation for lipid mono/multi-layer surface experiments, molecular biology equipment, dark room with sonicator probe and gel imaging system, protein purification systems and analytical equipment for sample characterisation.

General equipment        Centrifuges        Protei​n purification

       Biosafety cabinet        Microplate Reader

Freeze dryer        Incubators        Fermentor

DLS        QCM        Sonicator

UV-VIS        FTIR        PCR

To enquire about booking equipment for use and equipment training, please contact the biolab manager.