Biology Laboratories
26 Oct 2009



ISIS houses a biology laboratory in each target station, providing specialist equipment and expertise for the preparation, characterisation and handling of biological and biochemical samples.

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The BioLab manager demonstrates p​late reader at ISIS Biology laboratories​



ISIS houses a biology laboratory in each target station, providing specialist equipment and expertise for the preparation, characterisation and handling of biological and biochemical samples. These may include nucleic acids, proteins, lipids and bacterial cell cultures. We assist visiting scientists in preparing, checking, and optimising samples for ISIS instrument beam time. 

Work in these laboratories also focuses on the development of experimental methods and assisting users with data analysis and experimental design.

February 2024 update:

​​Laboratory News Jan 2024 edition, p 25-27

Interview with ISIS BioLabs Manager

​July 2023 update:​​​


To help us to shape up the strategy around our user needs, pl​ease complete a short questionnaire, linked here or via the QR code opposite. Feel free to be as detailed or as concise as you like. Your opinion really matters, and we would be very grateful for sharing it with us.​


The R55 CL1 Biology Lab is located on the ground floor, near the Surf beamline in TS1. This laboratory ​​​operates at containment level 1.

The R80 CL2 Biology Lab is loca​ted on the first floor on the east side of TS2. This laboratory operates at containment level 2.

The CL2 Cell Culture suite is situated behind the main CL2 laboratory. It provides facilities for culturing different types of cells - from bacteria and algae to insect and mammalian cultures.​​


Access Policy 

Access to both bio labs is restricted. Please contact the ISIS Sample Safety Team​ ( or your local contact to arrange for an induction. You induction will be valid for 3 years. 

To get a refresher

Staff members: please read induction policy document ISIS Bio Lab induction_updated_27-02-2024.docx and confirm that you have done so by emailing to,, and 

The access will be re-issued on the receipt of your email for another 3 years.​

ISIS users: please contact BioLab manager on to arrange induction on your next visit.

Safety​ Information and Working Practices 

Any work that is carried out in the b​iolab must be suitably risk assessed either in your Experimental Risk Assessment (ERA) for a beam time experiment or separately for a non-beam time experiment. Please contact the ISIS Sample Safety Team​ ( if you need more information or risk assessment templates.

​The infromation on the BioLab waste routes can be found in this poster:

BioLab waste routes.pptx

The slide below will explain biosample assessment and paperwork.


This short presentation will explain why one should consider biosafety implications before starting their work at ISIS.


The BioCOSHH RA and the instructions how to fill it in can be found below. 

BA Assessment form.docx

BA Assessment guidance.docx

Please familiarise yourself with the Site safety handbook before starting your work in the BioLabs. This also covers Diamond, CLF, RFI and RCaH Site Safety handbook Dec21.pdf

Equipment B​ooking

Please follow the procedure below for booking equipment. Please note, ISIS IdeaELAN is different from the one that is used by RCaH users.IdeaELAN ISIS-Creating an account.pdf

​​​Lone Working

Lone working permission will be granted by the lab manager after reviewing the risk assessments and ensuring that suitable measures are in place. Please speak to the ISIS Sample Safety Team​ ( well in advance to organise this.  


R55 CL1 Biology Lab - 01235 446784​

R80 CL2 Biology Lab - 01235 567162

ISIS Sample Safety Team - ​

Dr Ludmila Mee - Biology Laboratories Manager

Sarah Langham - Senior Laboratory Support Technician​

Rachel Pearce - Laboratory Technician 

Contact: Youngs, Sarah (STFC,RAL,ISIS)