Building and Maintaining Public Trust
02 Feb 2019







​​Theme lead: Andrea Voit​, FRM II

Parallel Session 5​: Wednesday 10 April 10:15 - 12:0​​0​​


When was the last time you put your trust in somebody? And what made you trust them? For companies consumer trust in the brand is at the core of their marketing strategy, and potential loss of trust is high on the​​ risk register. 
As institutions, what can we do to build and maintain trust, not just of the public but also our key stakeholders? How does one earn the trust of stakeholders? And if trust is lost, how can one re-build it? 
Here, you have the opportunity to present your toolkit for building trust inside and outside your institution. We want to know, what you did to convince your stakeholders that you are worth their trust? And we also want to know, if you lost their trust, what action did you take to mitigate it?



Contact: Fletcher, Sara (STFC,RAL,ISIS)