CMSD Funding
30 Aug 2012



The CMSD invites proposals for funding along three separate lines: studentships, visiting scientists, and meetings/workshops.




Proposals must involve a strong facility element if they are to be considered. As such, they usually involve STFC staff as proposers working in close collaboration with external (academic or industrial) colleagues. Proposals that involve the use of more than one STFC institute or facility are strongly encouraged.

  • Joint studentships can cover up to 50% of the total cost excluding consumables (which the CMSD does not fund). Students are expected to spend a significant period of time working at the relevant facilities where appropriate (e.g., beam time associated with the studentship). The cost to CMSD of a typical studentship is ca. £10k per annum for up to four years.
  • Meetings and workshops are typically funded at the £1-5k level. The main drive of CMSD funding is to encourage meeting organisers to reduce the cost of attendance, particularly for students and early-career researchers. CMSD views this funding as an important aid to the dissemination of STFC expertise.
  • Visiting scientists may be funded for visits as short as one day or as long as several months, depending upon context. Longer visits are normally associated with the long-term planning of large research proposals. The award covers travel and subsistence for the visiting scientist. Visiting scientists are normally expected to present a seminar to the relevant STFC departments as part of their visit.

Proposal forms, once completed, should be sent to the CMSD coordinator. Proposals are typically reviewed by two confidential referees. We aim to reach a funding decision within six weeks after submission.

All active CMSD projects are requested to submit an annual report summarising progress and output (publications, thesis, presentations, training, …). Once completed, please send these reports to the CMSD coordinator by 31st March of each calendar year.