Call open for the 2018 STFC Leadership Fellows in Public Engagement
09 Jan 2018



The call for the 2018 STFC Leadership Fellows in Public Engagement is now open for applications until 16.00 on Thurs 22 Feb 2018.


​​​​​A demonstration during Chemistry at Work.


The 2018 STFC Leadership Fellows in Public Engagement scheme aims to: 

 - Support the very best people in STFC's community to undertake extended programmes of the highest-quality, innovative public engagement as a core part of their job role

- Create a network of highly-skilled practitioners of public engagement with STFC science who inspire and involve colleagues, students, and the public, in their activities

- Highlight the achievements of STFC science and technology, demonstrating the excitement of research and the value of STEM to the UK

Proposed engagement programmes must clearly focus around the remit of the STFC science programme (astronomy, solar and planetary science, particle physics, particle astrophysics, cosmology, nuclear physics and accelerator science) or clearly and demonstrably align to the science and technology work of STFC's national and international laboratories and facilities.  Fellowships will not be awarded unless there is a strong and demonstrable link between the proposed activities and STFC science and technology.

Before submitting your application you are encouraged to contact the ISIS Public Engagement Manager or STFC Public Engagement Team to discuss your ideas. ​