Calls open for the STFC Public Engagement Spark Awards 2017 and Nucleus Awards
12 Sep 2017



The awards scheme aims to support high quality programmes of public engagement that inspire and involve audiences with stories of STFC science and technology.


​​Credit: STFC

​​​Credit: STFC

​Calls for the STFC Public Engagement Spark Awards 2017 (grants <£15K) and Nucleus Awards (grants £15K-£100K) are now open for applications.  

The deadline for the Spark Awards is 16.00 on 26th October and the deadline for the Nucleus Awards is 16.00 on 2nd November.

Proposed engagement programmes must clearly focus around the remit of the STFC science programme (astronomy, solar and planetary science, particle physics, particle astrophysics, cosmology, nuclear physics and accelerator science) or clearly and demonstrably align to the science and technology work of STFC's national and international laboratories and facilities, including ISIS users​.​

Before submitting your application you are encouraged to contact the STFC Public Engagement Team  and the ISIS Public Engagement Officer (at least 2 weeks in advance of the deadline) to discuss your ideas.