23 Apr 2010




We have a selection of centrifuges available for use in the ISIS biolabs, consisting of both superspeed floor mounted and bench-top refrigerated units, enabling high sample throughput.


Thermo Scientific Sorvall Evolution RC Superspeed

Two Sorvall Evolution RCs are located in the TS1 (R55) and TS2 (R80) biolabs. It is a refrigerated centrifuge capable at operating from -20 °C to +40 °C. It has a maximum capacity of 6 litres and maximum speeds and RCF of 26,000 rpm and 70,450 x g. We have three types of fixed angle rotor including:

  • SS-34 - 8 x 50 ml, max. 20,500 rpm and max. 50,228 x g (TS1&2)
  • F12-6x500 LEX - 6 x 500 ml, max. 12,000 rpm and max. 24,500 x g (TS2 biolab only)
  • F8S-6x1000y - 6 x 1 L, max. 8,500 rpm and max. 15,860 x g (TS1&2)


We have various refrigerated and non-refrigerated bench-top centrifuges.

Picofuge – 6 x 0.5/1.5 ml. Small, convenient centrifuge for quick spins. In both biolabs

Eppendorf 5424 microcentrifuge – 0.5/1.5 ml tubes. Max. 14,680 rpm. Non-refrigerated, in TS1 biolab

Eppendorf 5430 R microcentrifuge – 0.5/1.5 ml tubes. Max. 17,500 rpm. Refrigerated, in TS2 biolab

Thermo Megafuge 11R – 4 x 250 ml buckets with 15/50 ml tube adaptors. Refrigerated unit with a max. 4000 rpm rotor

Sorvall Legend STR – 4 x 250 ml buckets with 15/50 ml tube adapters. Refrigerated with a max. 4,700 rpm rotor.