DMUGM 2022 Disordered Materials User Group Meeting & Data Analysis Workshops
17 Jun 2022



​The next Disordered Materials User Group Meeting and data analysis workshops will be held from the 14th - 17th of June 2022 at The Cosener's House, Abingdon.


​​​​​​​​Attendees of the 2020 Disordered Materials User Group Meeting


Existing users of the group's instruments, as well as those just beginning their venture into Disordered Materials, will present science highlights at the meeting, which will be followed by two days of workshops on EPSR and Dissolve

In-person registration for this meeting is NOW CLOSED (as of 17/5/2022), but virtual attendance can still be registered here​.​

The meeting is free to attend, and reasonable travel costs will be reimbursed by ISIS for attendees based at UK universities.

A provisional​ programme is now available here. Last updated 1​9​-May-2022.​

Confirmed speakers include:

Dr Natasha Rhys (Kings College London​)

Dr Katharina Edkins (University of Manchester)

Prof John Holbrey (Queen's University Belfast​)​

Dr Daniela Carta (University of Surrey)

Mr Huang Shi (University of Hull)

Dr Celia Castillo-Blas (University of Cambridge)

Mr Armando Ibraliu (University of Manchester)

Mr Zachary Amato (Open University)

Dr Zhu Fayan (Qinghai Institute of Salt Lakes)

Prof Lorna Dougan (Leeds University)

Dr Bindu Kolli (ISIS)

Prof Christoph Salzmann (University College London)

Prof​ Luis Carlos Pardo Soto (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya​)

Mr Hesameddin Mohammadi (University of Bath)

Dr Andrew Seel (ISIS)

Ms Elly Bathke (University of Bath)​

Dr Emma Barney (University of Nottingham)

Dr Zhanar Zhakiyeva​ (ILL)

Dr Matthew Krzystyniak (ISIS)

Dr Stephen Wilke (Materials Development, Inc.)

We look forward to seeing you at The Cosener's House in June.

Contact: Hughes, Terri-Louise (STFC,RAL,ISIS)