Detector Systems Group
14 Jan 2009



The ISIS Detector Systems Group researches and develops new detector technologies for the neutron and muon beamlines starting from the physics of detector materials through to delivery of large detection systems.





​The ISIS Detector Systems Group consists of a mixture of multidisciplinary research scientists, engineers and technicians who are responsible for most of the detectors used at the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source.​​ Every instrument at ISIS has an unique scientific purpose requiring bespoke detector solutions to deliver optimal results.The group is split into sections dealing with detector research and development, electronics development and support, and detector assembly and maintenance.​ 

​Research Programmes

​​​Detector Systems Group research falls into two broad categories: 1) meeting specific, immediate and near future instrument requirements and 2) high risk exploratory research to meet projected future requirements not met by the current state of the art. We perform research on a multitude of different technologies including gas, scintillator and semiconductor based detectors. Our research and development pipeline spans the basic physics and principles of radiation detection, electronics, signal processing through to engineering and manufacturing of neutron and positron detection systems.

    Gaseous Detectors 

·         ​Boron coated neutron detectors

·         Neutron detection with micropattern gas detectors

·         Nitrogen based neutron beam monitors

    Scintillation Detectors ​ 

·         ZnS:Ag/6LiF + wavelength shifting fibre neutron detectors

·         Organic scintillators and inorganic nanoparticles for high count rate neutron detection applications

·         Digital Signal Processing and Machine Learning in detector applications

      Neutron Imaging and Detectors for Muon Instruments 

·         Energy resolved neutron imaging detectors

·         Detectors for muon spin rotation spectrometers

·         Neutron beam characterisation ​

​​     Front End Electronics and FPGA Firmware Development 

·         Analog electronics

·         Firmware development for detector signal processing

Data Acquisition Development Programmes

​​​The Detector Systems Group also develops technology for data acquisition and data handling. The rollout of DAE3 is currently underway with development of data streaming marking a data acquisition paradigm shift for ISIS.