Don Paul - a life in muons and neutrons
11 Sep 2019



ISIS were sad to learn of the passing of Don Paul, a brilliant scientist who was closely involved with the facility throughout his illustrious career.


​​​ Don Paul at an ISIS Facility Access Panel meeting in June 2007


​​ Don Paul at an ISIS Facility Access Panel meeting in June 2007Don Paul​ was an experimental solid state physicist who was driven by a curiosity to discover novel characteristics of materials.  Don joined Warwick’s Department of Physics in 1984 and created the highly successful Superconductivity and Magnetism research group which, at a crucial time in the Department’s growth, established Warwick’s reputation as a leading place for condensed matter physics in the UK.  Much of Don’s research was conducted at central facilities, especially the neutron and muon sources at ISIS and ILL, where his instrumental development continues to benefit facility users and where he continued to work throughout his long battle with illness.​​

 Don Paul at an ISIS Facility Access Panel meeting in June 2007

Contact: Fletcher, Sara (STFC,RAL,BID)