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​​I joined ISIS' Cryogenics Team within the Sample Environment group in 2021. I assist instrument scientists and external users in the operation of our suite of low-temperature and high-magnetic field apparatus as necessary for their experiments. In addition, I work on a number of projects for maintaining, upgrading and expanding our range of low-temperature equipment.

I have a PhD in Physics from Lancaster University where I worked extensively on the development of a new cooling technique for the cooling of electrons within nanoelectronic devices to sub-10mK temperatures. This is a field that has expanded in interest in recent years and has recently been applied by other groups to break through the 1mK barrier for the electrons in a device.

From this previous work I have particular expertise in dilution refrigerators, with liquid cryogen or closed-cycle precooling, and of superconducting magnet systems and their associated control systems. I am also experienced in helium-4 cryostats and helium-3 sorption inserts. I take great interest in the operation of highly technical devices, and hence thoroughly enjoy working with said equipment at ISIS.


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