The primary focus of my work is neutron irradiation experiments, fast neutron spectroscopy, dosimetry and instrumentation. My goal is the development of a user program for ChipIr, a fast neutron beamline for testing of microelectronics. ChipIr has an atmospheric-like neutron spectrum and has been built for industry, taking into account the increasing needs of Single Event Effects testing for the reliability of devices and systems.

My research interests in neutron spectroscopy and gamma spectroscopy include the development and application of diamond detectors, activation foils, telescope proton recoil spectrometers and fission chambers.


Recent Publications

  1. Carlo Cazzaniga, Simon P. Platt and Christopher D. Frost, “Preliminary Results of ChipIr, a new Atmospheric-like Neutron Beamline for the Irradiation of Microelectronics",  proceeding of the SELSE-13: “The 13th Workshop on Silicon Errors in Logic – System Effects",21-22 March 2017, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts (USA).
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