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I have been a member of the Cryogenic Team within the Experimental Operations Division Sample Environment Group at ISIS Neutron and Muon Source since 2016. More specifically, I am responsible for the development and delivery of Ultra Low Temperature (sub 1K) sample environments. I also provide more general cryogenic support of the experimental program, along with the continued development of our current cryogenic systems.

My qualifications are a PhD (Low Temperature Physics), MPhys (Physics with Astrophysics and Cosmology), and APM PMQ Project Management Qualification. Also, I have a Marie Skłodowska-Curie funded position in a world-leading manufacturer of ultra-low temperature equipment.

I have extensive experience in the research and development of ultra-low temperature systems. My previous work has included studies of helium 3 and helium 4 at extremely low temperatures (down to 0.1mK), and commercial development of cooling stages that allow access to the sub-1mK regime.

My technical expertise includes helium 4 cryostats, helium 3 cryostats, dilution refrigerators and superconducting magnet systems. ​

I am fascinated by the extreme environments found at low temperatures. My research and development interests include ultra-low temperature physics, cryogenics, low temperature thermometry & electronics, and quantum fluids & solids.

I am author/co-author of several papers concerning low temperature physics, recent publications are as follows:

'Solid methane in neutron radiation: Cryogenic moderators and cometary cryo volcanism',
Cryogenics, 88, 101-105. (2017)

 'Breaking the superfluid speed limit in a fermionic condensate',
Nature Physics, 12, 1017–1021. (2016)

 `Anomalous damping of a low frequency vibrating wire in superfluid 3He-B due to vortex shielding',
Journal of Low Temperature Physics, 175, 1, pp 372-378. (2014)

 `Switching behaviour of a quartz tuning fork in superfluid 4He',
Journal of Low Temperature Physics, 175, 1, pp 379-384. (2014)

 `Turbulent drag on a low-frequency vibrating grid in superfluid 4He at very low temperatures'
Phys. Rev. B, 85, 22, 224533. (2012)