Chris Rogers
22 Apr 2024



Dr Chris Rogers gained his individual merit promotion in April 2024 for contributions to particle accelerator design, particularly in neutron and muon production.



​Chris has an outstanding international reputation as an expert in design and development of particle accelerators. He has developed novel techniques for manipulating muon beams, and leads an international team aiming to deliver a muon collider, as well as develop techniques suitable for lower energy applications, such as the muSR instrument. His expertise has also been invaluable to ISIS in the development of proton beams for neutron and muon production. In particular,​​ he has made a significant contribution to the exploration of fixed-field alternating gradient (FFA) accelerators as a candidate technology for the ISIS-II project.

His work has been critical to demonstrating the importance of muon beams for the future of High Energy Physics and establishing the UK in a leadership position for high-brightness muon beams.

Chris’s future work will provide a clear path through to the development of a high-brightness muon beam which has the potential to deliver dramatic advances in high energy physics, providing a possible upgrade path for colliders beyond the Large Hadron Collider that is complementary to the proposed e+e- colliders. Chris will also continue to support of the development of the ISIS-II accelerator complex.​

Contact: Richardson, Stephanie (STFC,RAL,ISIS)