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Dirk is a small-angle scattering scientist, primarily working on the instrument LARMOR since June 2020.

His research revolves around investigating the static and dynamic response of soft and hard matter under magnetic fields utilizing polarised and time-resolved small-angle neutron scattering. The selected publications reflect the variety of sample materials:

1. Field Dependence of Magnetic Disorder in Nanoparticles

D Zákutná, D Nižňanský, LC Barnsley, E Babcock, Z Salhi, A Feoktystov, D Honecker, S Disch, Physical Review X 10, 031019 (2020)


2. Supraferromagnetic correlations in clusters of magnetic nanoflowers

P Bender, D Honecker, L Fernández Barquín, Applied Physics Letters 115, 132406 (2019)


3. Morphological and crystallographic orientation of hematite spindles in an applied magnetic field

D Zákutná, Y Falke, D Dresen, S Prévost, P Bender, D Honecker, S Disch, Nanoscale 11, 7149 (2019)


4. Critical size limits for collinear and spin spiral magnetism in CoCr2O4

D Zákutná, A Alemayehu, J Vlček, K Nemkovski, CP Grams, D Nižňanský, D Honecker, S Disch, Physical Review B 100, 184427 (2019)


5. Aligning self-assembled perylene bisimides in a magnetic field

ER Draper, M Wallace, D Honecker, DJ Adams, Chemical Communications 54, 10977 (2018)


6. Configuration of the magnetosome chain: a natural magnetic nanoarchitecture

I Orue, L Marcano, P Bender, A García-Prieto, S Valencia, MA Mawass, D Gil-Cartón, D Alba Venero, D Honecker, A García-Arribas, L Fernández Barquín, A Muela, ML Fdez-Gubieda, Nanoscale 10, 7407 (2018)


7. Multiple-q noncollinear magnetism in an itinerant hexagonal magnet

R Takagi, JS White, S Hayami, R Arita, D Honecker, HM Rønnow, Y Tokura, S Seki, Science advances 4, eaau3402 (2018)


8. Effect of Dzyaloshinski-Moriya interaction on elastic small-angle neutron scattering

A Michels, D Mettus, D Honecker, KL Metlov, Physical Review B 94, 054424 (2016)


9. Magnetization reversal in Nd-Fe-B based nanocomposites as seen by magnetic small-angle neutron scattering

J-P Bick, D Honecker, F Döbrich, K Suzuki, EP Gilbert, H Frielinghaus, J Kohlbrecher, J Gavilano, EM Forgan, R Schweins, P Lindner, R Birringer, A Michels, Applied Physics Letters 102,022415 (2013)


10. Analysis of magnetic neutron-scattering data of two-phase ferromagnets

D Honecker, CD Dewhurst, K Suzuki, S Erokhin, A Michels, Physical Review B 88, 094428 (2013)



Member of the Institute of Physics and the German Physical Society.


ORCID: 0000-0003-0763-982X

ResearchID: B-8408-2018


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