​​​​​ I am a scientist with the ISIS Excitations and Polarised Neutrons Group, and I am co-responsible for the MERLIN Spectrometer.

I am an inelastic neutron scattering scientist, taking advantage of how neutrons interact with strongly correlated electron systems; in addition to exploiting X-rays, with which I have considerable experience after spending several years working at synchrotrons in France and Germany. My particular interests lie in the magnetic properties of f-electron systems and transition metal oxides, particularly multiferroics and 5d systems, and how scattering may be used to probe them statically and dynamically​. More recently I have started to investigate hybrid organic-inorganic materials such as Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs), due to the opportunities they offer for tailoring their diverse functionalities, which include multiferroicity, and the possibility to study fundamental magnetic properties in different dimensions. I am also interested in starting a new research area on Merlin to investigate the use of pressure as a tuning parameter, with a view to studying barocaloric materials.

NEW! I have a funded PhD position together with Anthony Phillips at QMUL available to undertake inelastic neutron scattering measurements on MOFs under pressure. For more details see here​. The deadline is Friday 1st March 2019.​​

I am the course co-ordinator for the ISIS Neutron Training Course, which runs annually for 35 participants to get hands on experience of using ISIS instruments. I have also lectured on neutron scattering at the Institute for Materials Discovery​ at University College London.

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Selected recent publications


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