Synthetic Organic Chemist
(01235) 821900 (RAL Switchboard)
RAL R80,3.06
07590- 807281

​Job Role:

Synthesis of the protonated and deuterated materials to support the facility user program.​

Previous Studies:

Dphil in Physical Chemistry, University of Oxford​.

Thesis: Neutron Reflection Study on Surfactant Systems at Different Interfaces​

​Previous Experience:

Postdoc under DEUNET (Deuteration Network) Project.​

Research Interests:

Self-assembly and interactions of surfactant and bio-membranes.​

​​Selected Publications:

​Unusual adsorption at the air-water interface of a zwitterionic carboxybetaine with large charge separation​​

Ma, K., Li, P. X., Dong, C. C., Thomas, R. K., & Penfold, J. (2016), Langmuir, 32(14), 3340-3347.​

Analysis of the asymmetric synergy in the adsorption of zwitterionic–ionic surfactant mixtures at the air-water interface below and above the critical micelle concentration​​

Li, P., Ma, K., Thomas, R. K., & Penfold, J. (2016), The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 120(15), 3677-3691.

Adsorption of methyl ester sulfonate at the air-water interface: Can limitations in the application of the Gibbs equation be overcome by computer purification?​​

Xu, H., Li, P., Ma, K., Welbourn, R. J., Penfold, J., Roberts, D. W., ... & Petkov, J. T. (2017), Langmuir, 33(38), 9944-9953.​

Adsorption and self-assembly in methyl ester sulfonate surfactants, their eutectic mixtures and the role of electrolyte​

Xu, H., Li, P., Ma, K., Welbourn, R. J., Doutch, J., Penfold, J., ... & Khoo, S. Y. (2018), Journal of colloid and interface science, 516, 456-465.​

Impact of molecular structure, headgroup and alkyl chain geometry, on the adsorption of the anionic ester sulfonate surfactants at the air-solution interface, in the presence and absence of electrolyte​​

Wang, Z., Li, P., Ma, K., Chen, Y., Campana, M., Penfold, J., ... & Yan, Z. (2019), Journal of colloid and interface science, 544, 293-302.