​​​My research interests span several areas of inorganic chemistry, including synthesis, spectroscopic and structural studies. 

Research Keywords: Chemical Synthesis, Coordination Chemistry, Main Group Metal Chemistry, X-ray Crystallography, Materials Chemistry


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I'm a member of the Support Labs Team at ISIS and the Manager of the Materials Characterisation Laboratory (MCL). I am also part of the Sample Safety Team who assists in the safe running of user experiments.  Before starting at ISIS I was a student at the University of Bath, Department of Chemistry.  I then stayed on at Bath to complete a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry.  Later I moved on to Southampton to work as a post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Chemistry looking at Novel Stibine Ligands.

CMSD CASE award for a PhD Student jointly supervised with Gillian Reid and Bill Levason at Southampton University (October 2010 – 2013).

I am also actively involved in outreach events.

Visiting researcher at Southampton University.