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​Sample Environment for neutron scattering; Cryogenics; Superconducting magnets; Ultra low temperature refrigeration and thermometry; Low temperature physics; Quantum fluids and solids; Low dimensional charged systems


I am author/co-author of 61 publications in refereed journals and three patents. My recent publications can be found here.

Most highly cited publications:

  1. S.O. Diallo, J.V. Pearce, R.T. Azuah, O. Kirichek, J.W. Taylor, H.R. Glyde Bose-Einstein Condensate in Solid 4He Phys. Rev. Lett., 98, 205301, 2007
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I am the Leader of the Sample Environment (SE) Group. My area of responsibility covers all aspects of providing SE for ISIS user program including operational, financial and planning issues. I am also responsible for ISIS SE development projects.

 I graduated from Kharkov State University, Ukraine in 1984 as radiophysicist. Then I stayed on at Institute for Low Temperature Physics & Engineering where I received PhD in 1992. Later on, I worked as a post-doctoral researcher in Eindhoven University of Technology; the Institute of Physics, Czech Republic; and as a research fellow in ISSP, the University of Tokyo. In 2000 I joined Oxford Instruments Superconductivity where I worked as senior cryogenic engineer until 2005, when I joined ISIS as a leader of SE Group.