Philip King

Head, ISIS Spectroscopy and Support Division
(01235) 446117
RAL R3,2.35

​​Introduction and profile

I am the head of the Spectroscopy and Support Division within the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source. The Division is one of two science divisions within the facility, and includes the Excitations group, the Molecular Spectroscopy Group, the Muon Group, the Neutron and Muon Instrumentation Development Group, ​​​the Industrial Engagement Group, the ISIS Impact Group and the ISIS User Office. 

I am also Director of the RIKEN-RAL Muon Facility at ISIS. 

Research and development interests

Customer for the division's large instrument development projects, including, recently, the Maps, Mari & Tosca guide projects, RIKEN-RAL refurbishment project and the Osiris Si-analyser project.

Skills, expertise and qualifications

In addition to divisional activities, I am also ISIS' main contact point for EU grants, and main link person for Japanese collaborations.  I am responsible for the ISIS user programme.

Professional activities: Memberships/External organisations

Fellow of the Institute of Physics.

Grants, awards, teaching and other activities

​I am current Principal Investigator on a €2.5M EU award through the Marie Sklodowska-Curie COFUND programme to employ 35 post-doctoral researchers across STFC's National Laboratory departments.