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Dr Sarah Rogers, BSc MSci PhD MRSC

Sarah is the Small-Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS) Group Leader. 

She has been a facilities scientist on small-angle beamlines since August 2006, initially as a junior beamline scientist on I22 at Diamond Light Source (DLS) Ltd. She joined ISIS in February 2008 as an instrument scientist on the LOQ instrument then, in May 2010, she was appointed the SANS2D instrument responsible.  In 2016 she became the SANS Team Leader within the Large Scale Structures Group, and then in 2019 was promoted to Group Leader of the newly formed SANS Group.  

Before arriving at Diamond Sarah studied at the University of Bristol in the School of Chemistry, where she undertook an EPSRC funded PDRA position in the lab of Professor Julian Eastoe, studying the formation of gold nanoparticles in supercritical carbon dioxide.  Prior to this she completed her PhD, titled ‘Fluorocarbon-Hydrocarbon Incompatibility in Micellar Polymerizations’, in the same lab in 2005.  During her PhD she also was involved in many other projects including water-in-supercritical CO2 microemulsions, ionic liquid-in-oil microemulsions, novel surfactant synthesis and characterization and pH-degradable surfactants.

Sarah’s science interests focus on self-assembling systems, surfactants, green solvents (CO2 and ionic liquids) and nanoparticles. Sarah also has a keen interest in the design and implementation of beamline sample environment such as stopped-flow cells for the study of kinetic experiments, the grazing incidence small-angle scattering (GISAS) set-up, which allows in-plane structure on nanometre lengthscales to be studied, and pressure cells for the study of supercritical fluids.  Her expertise in this field led to her becoming a co-investigator on a STFC Facility Development Grant (in collaboration with DLS Ltd and Imperial College London) to develop pressure-jump apparatus for time-resolved X-ray diffraction13

A full list of Sarah’s publications can be found on ePubs. Selected publications include:

1.     Microemulsions as tunable nanomagnets
P. Brown, C. P. Butts, J. Eastoe, S. Glatzel, I. Grillo, S. H. Hall, S. Rogers, K. Trickett, Soft Matter 46 (8), 11609-11612 (2012)

2.     Hybrid CO2-philic Surfactants with Low Fluorine Content
A. Mohamed, M. Sagisaka, M. Hollamby, S. E. Rogers, R. K. Heenan, R. Dyer, J. Eastoe, Langmuir 28 (15), 6299 – 6306 (2012)

 3.     Amphiphiles for supercritical CO2
S. Cummings, R. Enick, S. Rogers, R. Heenan, J Eastoe, Biochimie 94 (1), 94–100 (2012)

4.     Photoreactive Surfactants: A Facile and Clean Route to Oxide and Metal Nanoparticles in Reverse Micelles
R. J. de Oliveira, P. Brown, G. B Correia, S. E. Rogers, R. Heenan, I. Grillo, A. Galembeck, J. Eastoe, Langmuir 27 (15), 9277-9284 (2011)

5.     Shape of tropoelastin, the highly extensible protein that controls human tissue elasticity
C. Baldock, A. F. Oberhauser, L. Ma, D. Lammie, V. Siegler, S. M. Mithieux, Y. Tu, J. Yuen Ho Chow, F. Suleman, M. Malfois, S. Rogers, L. Guo, T. C. Irving, T. J. Weiss, A. S. Weiss, PNAS 108 (11) 4322-4327 (2011)

6.     Anionic Surfactants and Surfactant Ionic Liquids with Quaternary Ammonium Counterions
P. Brown, C. Butts, R. Dyer, J. Eastoe, I. Grillo, F. Guittard, S. Rogers, R. Heenan, Langmuir 27 (8) 4563-4571 (2011)

7.     Recovery and Reuse of Nanoparticles by Tuning Solvent Quality
O. Myakonkaya, B. Deniau, J. Eastoe, S. E. Rogers, A. Ghigo, M. Hollamby, A. Vesperinas, M. Sankar, S. H. Taylor, J. K.  Bartley, G. J. Hutchings, ChemSusChem 3 (3) 339-341 (2010)

8.     Tri-Chain Hydrocarbon Surfactants as Designed Micellar Modifiers for Supercritical CO2
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9.     Fluorocarbon-hydrocarbon incompatibility in micellar polymerizations
S. E. Rogers, J. Eastoe, L. Hudson, S. Gold, R. K. Heenan, I. Grillo, JCIS 330 (2), 437-442 (2009)

10.  Designed CO2-philes stabilize water-in-carbon dioxide microemulsion
J. Eastoe, S. Gold, S. Rogers, P. Wyatt, D. C. Steytler, A. Gurgel, R. K. Heenan, X. Fan, E. J Beckman, R. M. Enick, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 45 (22), 3675-3677 (2006)

11.  Fluorosurfactants at structural extremes: Adsorption and aggregation
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12.  Ionic liquid-in-oil microemulsions
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13.     Automated high pressure cell for pressure jump x-ray diffraction
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