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ENGIN-X Instrument Scientist

Tung Lik is an instrument scientist responsible for overseeing the operations of the time-of-flight neutron diffractometer, ENGIN-X. Prior to joining the ENGIN-X team in 2016, he completed his PhD at the University of Hull. During his doctoral studies, he extensively utilised advanced synchrotron X-ray and neutron characterisation techniques. Additionally, he developed multi-physics finite element models to optimise the spray forming process for manufacturing dissimilar metallic alloy components.

Tung Lik maintains an active interest in the development of neutron instruments tailored for engineering applications. He holds the primary responsibility for the design and optimisation of the new time-of-flight engineering instrument e-MAP which will offer enhanced capabilities in stress measurement of full-sized engineering components. This initiative will enable engineering manufacturers and emerging technology SMEs to create the next generation of complex machines with improved performance, durability, and capabilities.

Interests and expertise:

Residual stress/strain measurements, neutron & X-ray diffraction and imaging, powder metallurgy, spray forming, thermal spray processes, additive manufacturing 

Current roles:

  • Providing user support and driving developments on the ENGIN-X diffractometer
  • ISIS Science Focus Area Convener in Advanced Manufacturing and Materials
  • ISIS Representative for Facility Access Panel 7
  • ISIS Engineering and Imaging Group Representative to IBEX Science Advisory Group
  • Lead organiser and chair of UK Neutron Imaging and Engineering Meeting
  • Manage beamline staff

 Selected Publications:

Lee, T.L., Kabra, S., Kelleher, J., Kockelmann, W. and Bewley, R., 2023. Modelling of The New Engineering Diffractometer eMAP at ISIS Target Station 2. In EPJ Web of Conferences (Vol. 286, p. 03002). EDP Sciences.

Lee, T.L., Mi, J., Ren, S., Zhao, S., Fan, J., Kabra, S., Zhang, S. and Grant, P.S., 2018. Modelling and neutron diffraction characterization of the interfacial bonding of spray formed dissimilar steels. Acta Materialia, 155, pp.318-330.

Lee, T. L., Mi, J., Zhao, S. L., Fan, J. F., Zhang, S. Y., Kabra, S. & Grant, P. S., 2015. Characterization of the residual stresses in spray-formed steels using neutron diffraction. Scripta Materialia, 100, 82-85. 

Lee, T.L., Khong, J.C., Fezzaa, K., & Mi, J. Ultrafast X-ray Imaging and Modelling of Ultrasonic Cavitations in Liquid Metal, 6th International Light Metals Technology Conference, Windsor, Materials Science Forum 765 (2013) 190-194. 

Wang, B., Lee, T.L., Qin, Y. 2023. Advances in Smart Materials and Structures. Materials, 16, 7206.

Yu, C.H., Peng, R.L., Lee, T.L., Luzin, V., Lundgren, J.E. and Moverare, J., 2022. Anisotropic behaviours of LPBF Hastelloy X under slow strain rate tensile testing at elevated temperature. Materials Science and Engineering: A, 844, p.143174. 

Faisal, N.H., Ahmed, R., Prathuru, A.K., Paradowska, A. and Lee, T.L., 2021. Measuring residual strain and stress in thermal spray coatings using neutron diffractometers. Experimental Mechanics, pp.1-24. 

Jaladurgam, N. R., Lozinko, A., Guo, S., Lee, T. L., & Colliander, M. H. 2021. Temperature dependent load partitioning and slip mode transition in a eutectic AlCoCrFeNi2. 1 high entropy alloy. Materialia, 17, 101118. 

Cattivelli, A., Roy, M.J., Burke, M.G., Dhers, J., Lee, T.L. and Francis, J.A., 2021. Internal stresses in a clad pressure vessel steel during post weld heat treatment and their relevance to underclad cracking. International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping, 193, p.104448. 

Walker, T.R., Bennett, C.J., Lee, T.L. and Clare, A.T., 2020. A novel numerical method to predict the transient track geometry and thermomechanical effects through in-situ modification of the process parameters in Direct Energy Deposition. Finite Elements in Analysis and Design, 169, p.103347. 

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