Dynamic Light Scattering
13 Dec 2011



in-situ Dynamic Light Scattering Apparatus

in-situ DLS on SANS2D

This apparatus delivers up to 13 mW of visible (He-Ne, 632.8 nm) laser radiation to a sample cuvette mounted in the SANS2D sample changer. The scattered laser light is detected by a fibre-coupled photodiode and signal processing performed by a real-time, multi-tau, digital correlator unit. In single autocorrelation mode at least 1088 time channels are available with a minimum sample time of 1.56 ns, translating to a maximum delay time of 1.7 us (linear tau) or 36 mins (geometric tau).

Please note:

1) The apparatus cannot be used with the 'standard' SANS2D sample changer installation and must be requested in advance.

2) Because of the (laser) scattering angle involved, only 'tank' or 'banjo' type sample cuvettes can be used.

This apparatus was funded by an Advanced Sample Environment grant awarded to Prof Michael Gradzielski at TU Berlin. As of March 2013 it is still under development, but available for use on a collaborative basis. If you are interested in using it, please contact the Soft Matter Team or Dr Stephen King.