Goudsmit Electromagnet
08 Dec 2011




The Goudsmit electromagnet can generate transverse or solenoidal fields of up to 1.5 Tesla.

Goudsmit 2T Electromagnet

The distance between the magnet poles is 90 mm. In solenoidal mode the beam must not exceed 55 mm diameter. For a 10 mm diameter beam at the sample, the maximum angular divergence of the scattered beam is +/- 8.4° in transverse mode or +/- 5.3° in solenoidal mode.

The magnet is fitted with a standard Tomkinson mounting flange which allows it to be used with ISIS CCR's, Orange cryostats, or the 'muon' optical furnace (NB: in an inert atmosphere, not a vacuum). Alternatively a range of User-provided apparatus can be fitted between the magnet poles.

The magnet requires 48 - 60 V d.c at 425 - 650 A, and a demineralised cooling water supply of 22 - 25 l/min at 5 bar.