Having a Blast at the Oxfordshire Science Festival
28 Jun 2016



ISIS dazzled an audience of 70 last weekend at a family show at the Oxfordshire Science Festival.

The liquid nitrogen demonstration was a highlight of the show. Credit: Ashley Carley

Lewis Owen, with the help of his glamourous assistant Giles Flowitt-Hill - both PhD students in the Crystallography group – presented the Flash Bang Chemistry Show at the Story Museum in Oxford.  Using hydrogen bubbles, liquid nitrogen clouds, colourful flames and even some ‘elephant toothpaste’, they explored concepts such as spectroscopy and diffraction that underpin the important work ISIS does. Finally, they made sure they went out with a bang, by setting their Whoosh Bottle alight (pictured), to the delight of the crowd!

The show went out with a bang!

The show went out with a bang! Credit: Ashley Carley
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