He3 Recovery and Mixtures Panels
16 Jul 2013





​​​He3 Panel


Helium3 as we all know is very scarce and incredibly expensive. To try and enable experiments involving helium 3 to continue at ISIS we have gas handling panels specifically for the purpose of He3 recovery and managing mixtures of He3 and He4​​​.

One advantage of having these gas specific panels is that the panels do not need to be purged between uses saving valuable quantities of He3. The recovery panel is used to save the gas that has passed through experiments. We are then able to re compress it ready for another experiment. If you have any questions about this equipment or you think you may want to use one on your experiment contact the Pressure and Furnaces Team, or the respective instrument scientist.

Gas Handling Equipment: Description Working parameters Number of
He3 / He4 gas panel Gas panel with vac port, two gas supplies, 4 x 1000cc buffers, 1 x 25 litre tank cold trap, transducer and baratron. (He4 /He3gas). Vacuum to 80bar. 1
He3 recovery panel Gas panel with vac port, cold trap, transducer and baratron and port for sorption stick to reclaim He3 gas. Vacuum to 200bar. 1