Access to Data
08 Mar 2011



All data produced at ISIS is catalogued into ICAT – the ISIS data catalogue.




The ISIS Data Catalogue is available here.

You can log in to ICAT using either your STFC account (federal id) or your ISIS proposal system account (email address).  This catalogue is also ​made available as a searchable website, via Mantid and as an API.

All experiment data files produced are captured and catalogued along with the metadata about the sample conditions for that experimental run, and the metadata from the proposal.

All data and metadata is private to the Principal Investigator and the experiment team for 3 years. After this time the data and metadata become publicly available. Any calibration data is made public immediately.


All raw data and the associated metadata obtained as a result of ‘commercial-in-confidence’ access to ISIS will be owned exclusively by the commercial user. For full details, see the ISIS data policy.


Appropriate STFC staff (e.g. instrument scientists, computing group members) may be given access to any Facility-curated data or metadata for Facility-related purposes. ISIS undertakes that they will preserve the confidentiality of such data.


It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to ensure that the exp​eriment number (RB number) is correctly entered into the metadata for each raw data set, in order to correctly associate each data set with the Principal Investigator.  If this is not done, the experimental team will not be able to access the data via the online catalogue and other users may inadvertently be given access rights to the data.


ISIS will issue citable DOIs for all experiments carried out at ISIS. You are encouraged to cite these in publications relating to ISIS experiments. For more information see DOIs


For more information about ICAT or if you have any questions please contact​​

Contact: Conway, Sonia (STFC,RAL,ISIS)