INS database
30 Oct 2009




A collection of INS spectra


Access the database. Spectra recorded on TFXA and TOSCA

The spectra can be viewed on this web site and may be downloaded. An image file (GIF) and two ASCII formats are available:

DAT: ASCII suitable for Excel (and other spreadsheets) and CLIMAX

JCAMP-DX: the standard ASCII format for infrared and Raman spectroscopy

GIF: suitable for most graphics programs and web browsers

The spectra can be viewed interactively using the CHIME plug-in. Once it is installed click on the download JCAMP-DX button to view the spectum. Right clicking on the spectrum shows other options including a save option.

All the formats include the name of the principal investigator and their affiliation and a literature reference if the work has been published. For publications that use the spectra please cite either the reference or use the form:

"Principal investigator, affiliation, unpublished work from ISIS, Chilton, UK"

Comments and suggestions to Stewart Parker at ISIS, please.