ISIS Advisory Committees
26 Mar 2018



ISIS has several committees of external experts which provide the facility with advice on its science programe and operations.  Current committee memberships are listed here.


​​​​​​ISIS Facility Access Panel at work.


​ISIS Science Advisory Committee (SAC)

The ISIS SAC meets twice per year. Its terms of reference are:

To advise the Director of ISIS on ISIS Operations and Development with respect to:

  • the current status and future prospects in relevant areas of scientific research;
  • the actions necessary for ISIS to make a relevant contribution to these areas, e.g. investment in instrumentation, techniques and ancillary facilities, and prioritisation;
  • areas of current scientific activity which are declining in relevance.

The ISIS-SAC should provide a broad based and long term view considering both neutron scattering and complementary techniques. 
Current membership is:

  • Richard Catlow (UCL, Cardiff, Committee Chair)
  • Alan Tennant (ORNL)
  • David Lennon (Glasgow University)
  • Michael Preuss (Manchester & Monash University)
  • Nicola Spaldin (ETH Zurich)
  • Stephen Blundell (Oxford University)
  • Paul Collier (Johnson Matthey)
  • Pascale Deen (ESS)
  • Stuart Clarke​ (Cambridge University)
  • Bill Stirling (ILL, ESRF)
  • Leila Moura (Queen's Belfast)
  • Adam Clancy (UCL)
  • Christopher Ridley (ISIS Neutron and Muon Source)

ISIS Facility Board

The ISIS Facility Board also meets twice per year, and focuses on advice about ISIS operations. Its terms of reference are:

The ISIS Facility Board formally reports to the STFC Executive Board. The Facility Board will:
  • Provide strategic advice to the Facility Director and the Executive Director National Labs on current and
  • future operation and development of the facility
  • Monitor the facilities operations and output (financial, technical and scientific)
  • Monitor the facilities budget and performance to ensure that value for money is delivered
The Facility Board will assist STFC Executive Board to arrive at an optimum plan (including funding provision) for the

Its current membership is:

  • Phil Withers​ (Cambridge University)
  • Catia Pappas (TU Delft)
  • Dimitri Argyriou
  • Jeremy Lakey (Newcastle University)
  • Kevin Jones (ORNL)
  • Neal Skipper (UCL)
  • Peter Dowding (Infineum)
  • Mark Johnson (ILL)

ISIS Facility Access Panels (FAPs)

There are seven ISIS FAPs whose role is to review proposals submitted to the facility and give advice on the ISIS science programme.  Its detailed remit and guidance can be found here.  Its current membership can be found here.

STFC Advisory Committees

STFC has two advisory committees which relate to work carried out at its facilities including ISIS.  Both committees report to STFC's senior advisory committee Science Board​:

The Physical Sciences and Engineering Panel

The Life Sciences and Soft Materials Advisory panel​

Contact: King, Philip (STFC,RAL,ISIS)