ISIS-II: Designing the UK's next-generation neutron and muon source

​​​​​​​One of the proposed sites for the new ISIS-II facility is based at RAL.​​


Although ISIS will continue to operate for many years to come, plans for a new facility will be developed over the next decade in order to be ready for construction sometime after 2030. This will maintain and enhance the UK's neutron provision, in a way complementary to the ESS, in order to continue to support the UK research community.

A project has been established to consider the requirements for an ISIS-replacement facility, and to explore the technologies that might underpin this.  This work includes considering the science drivers for neutrons and muons over coming decades and how these will influence the design of new neutron and muon instrumentation.  In turn, these considerations affect the nature of the source and hence the accelerator characteristics. Feasibility work on accelerator possibilities is ongoing, with the aim of ramping this up over coming years.  Alongside this, we will be developing the science case in consultation with the ISIS user community.

The UK research community is at the forefront of neutron scattering through having ISIS as a national source in addition to access to the ILL and the ESS in the future.  ISIS-II will maintain the UK's position and provide many more years of pure and applied studies using neutrons and muons.

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