Change to ISIS Neutron & Muon Source run cycles and proposal rounds
30 Jan 2020



The planned ISIS long shutdown has been delayed by 4 months, so there is additional running at the end of 2020. There will be a small additional proposal round for ISIS experiments with deadline of 15 April 2020.




ISIS was due to have a long shutdown from 1 Sept 2020 – Nov 2021 for refurbishment of the first target station and replacement of part of the linear accelerator.  This meant we had planned to cancel the next ISIS proposal round with deadline in April 2020 and Facility Access Panel (FAP) meetings in June.  However, delays to the long shutdown projects mean we need to move the long shutdown dates by 4 months, so that it will start on 4 Jan 2021.  This in turn means that we have additional running in the current calendar year (of around 36 days).​

In order to allocate experiments into this additional running, we will have an additional proposal round.  This means that there will now be a proposal deadline on 15 April, and FAP meetings on 3rd & 4th June 2020. (It also means that we will now be cancelling the proposal round with October 2020 deadline).

We welcome proposals for ISIS beamtime for the 15 April 2020. However, please note that the number of days available will be around half the normal number that we would have in a typical round. We therefore expect this round to be extremely competitive.  We will take into account where proposals have students associated with them who need time to complete theses.

If you have any questions on the user programme or ISIS running, please contact Andrew Kaye ( or Philip King (

Contact: de Laune, Rosie (STFC,RAL,ISIS)