ISIS Large Scale Structures User Meeting
01 Nov 2018



The Large Scale Structures User Meeting is due to take place on the 1st and 2nd of November 2018 at Cosener’s House and the Crown and Thistle in Abingdon.


​​​​​​Attendees of ​the Large Scale Structures User Group Meeting ​


​Day 1: Science Day 1st November


Registration:  10:00 – 11:30 (The Barn at the Crown and Thistle)

Welcome: 11:30 Sean Langridge (ISIS)

Plenary 1: 11:40 Stuart Clarke (Cambridge): “Commercially relevant surfaces and interfaces - neutrons and other techniques"

General Invited Talks: 12:10

                Invited 1: 12:10 Alison Paul (Cardiff): “Soft Matter Scattering: compare and contrast"

                Invited 2: 12:30 Aiden Hindmarch (Durham): “Proximity induced magnetism in spintronics: an example of the complementarity of neutrons and resonant x-rays"

Lunch: 12:50 – 14:00 (Cosener's House)

​​Parallel​ Sessions 1

Hard-Condensed Matter Session 1: (Garden Room at Cosener's House)

Talk 1: 14:00 Yiqiang Wang (UKAEA): “Investigating precipitation kinetics in microalloyed HSLA steels by small angle neutron scattering"

Talk 2: 14:20 Oscar Cespedes (Leeds): “Tuneable Magnetic Properties of Molecular Interfaces"

Talk 3: 14:40 Nina-Juliane Steinke (ISIS): “Magnetic order in doped 3D topological insulators"

Coffee Break: 15:00 – 15:30 (Cosener's House)

Soft Matter Session 1: (The Barn at the Crown and Thistle)

Talk 1: 14:00 Joao Cabral (Imperial): “Microfluidic SANS of complex fluids: opportunities and challenges"

Talk 2: 14:20 Peter Dowding (Infineum): “Surfactant adsorption at the solid-liquid interface: for application in oil additives"

Talk 3: 14:40 Arwen Tyler (Leeds): “Structure and dynamics of lipid assemblies"

Coffee Break: 15:00 – 15:30 (The Barn)

​​Parallel​ Sessions 2

Hard-Condensed Matter Session 2 (Garden Room at Cosener's House):

Talk 4: 15:30 Sean Langridge (ISIS): “Unusual interfacial behaviour of an insulating ferrimagnet"

Talk 5: 15:50 Kelly Morrison (Loughborough): “Development of In-Situ Thermal Cell for PNR Measurements of the Spin Seebeck Effect"

Talk 6: 16:10 Dan Allwood (Sheffield): “Emergent domain wall populations in interacting magnetic nanowire ring arrays"

Talk 7: 16:30 Tom Thomson (Manchester): “Depth-resolved magnetic properties of FeRh/MgO and FeRh/FePt using polarised neutron reflectometry (PNR)"

Flash Presentations: 16:50 (1 min per slide) – (Garden Room)

Soft Matter Session 2: (The Barn at the Crown and Thistle)

Talk 4: 15:30 - Rachel Evans (Cambridge): “Dynamic Self-Assembly and Structure-Function Relationships of Photoswitchable Surfactants"

Talk 5: 15:50 – Dave Barlow (Kings College): “Neutrons and Cream"

Talk 6: 16:10 - Christian Pfrang (Birmingham): “Atmospheric fate of surfactants: multi-component films oxidised by ozone & nitrate radicals"

Talk 7: 16:30 Mike Weir (Sheffield): “Scattering studies of polymer nanocomposites"

Flash Presentations: 16:50 (1 min per slide) – (The Barn)

Poster Session and Conference Dinner

Poster Setup: 17:00 – (Garden Room at Cosener's House)

Poster Session Start: 17:20

Dinner: 19:00 – (Cosener's House)

Day 2: User Meeting 2nd November – At Cosener's House​

Registration:  8:30 – 9:00 (Cosener's House)

Plenary 2: 9:00 Katia Pappas (TU Delft): “LARMOR with a twist"

9:30 CCP-SAS – Stephen Perkins (UCL): “Atomistic modelling of SAXS and SANS curves by CCP-SAS – applications to date and a vision for the future"

LSS Staff Talks: 9:50 – 10:35

  1. Reflectometer Upgrades
    1. Guides
    2. 2d Detectors
    3. Moderator upgrade
    4. High field magnet for PNR and PA
  2. SANS
    1. Zoom + Magnetism
    2. Focusing on Zoom
    3. Larmor – recent techniques/development


Coffee Break: 10:35 – 11:05

Endeavour/TS1/TS2 Upgrades: 11:05 – μQ and CRISP upgrade – Rob Dalgliesh (ISIS)

11:20 Andy Church (ISIS): “Soft Matter Sample Environment at ISIS, from inception to fruition and beyond, with continuous evaluation and improvement"

11:40 Gavin Stenning (ISIS): “Offline Characterisation facilities at ISIS"

Survey Results/Discussion/Closing remarks: 12:00 – 13:00

Lunch: 13:00

End of Meeting



Registration for this event is now closed.​


For further information please contact the event organiser ​​Andrew Caruana.​