ISIS Large Scale Structures User Meeting
01 Nov 2018



The Large Scale Structures User Meeting is due to take place on the 1st and 2nd of November 2018 at at Cosener’s House and the Crown and Thistle in Abingdon.


​​Attendees of ​the Large Scale Structures User Group Meeting ​



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The dates and venue:

1st of November – Science day

This will be split into two sessions one for hard condensed matter and the other for soft matter.

The hard condensed matter session will be held in Cosener's House in Abingdon and the soft matter session will be located at the Crown and Thistle in​ Abingdon.

There will be a poster and flash presentation session

The conference dinner will be held in Cosener's House

​2nd of November – User meeting


Confirmed Speakers so far:

1st of November:

Plenary – Stuart Clarke (Cambridge University)

Invited – Alison Paul (Cardiff University)

Invited – Aiden Hindmarch (Durham University)


Hard condensed matter session:

Yiquang Wang (UK Atomic Energy Authority)

Kelly Morrison (Loughborough University)

Dan Allwood (Sheffield University)

Tom Thompson (Manchester University)


Soft matter session:

Peter Dowding (Infineum)

Arwen Tyler (University of Leeds)

Rachel Evans (Cambridge)


2nd of November

Plenary – Katia Pappas (TU Delft)


For  further information please contact the event organiser ​​Andrew Caruana.​