ISIS Molecular Spectroscopy Science Meeting 2020
09 Sep 2020
- Hamish Cavaye



The ISIS Molecular Spectroscopy Group will hold its next science meeting on 28th and 29th October 2020. The virtual event will be held online via zoom.




​​The most up-to-date agenda for the meeting can be found on this page. 

Attendees are required to register for the webinar. Registration can take place at the following link:​

Wednesday 28th October
14:00     Welcome
14:10     Invited Talk - David Lennon, University of Glasgow
​14:30     Invited Talk - Sihai Yang, University of Manchester
14:50     Instrument Update - INS
15:05     Break
15:20     Invited Talk - Mariela Nolasco, University of Aveiro
15:40     Invited Talk - Fabrizia Foglia, UCL
16:00     Instrument Update - QENS
16:15     Close

Thursday 29th October
14:00     Welcome
14:05     Invited Talk - Øystein Fjellvåg, University of Oslo
14:25     Invited Talk - Holly Hedgeland, Open University
14:45     Invited Talk - José Ignacio Marquez Damian, ESS
15:05     Instrument Update - Epithermal/DINS
15:20     Break
15:35     Invited Talk - Pu Zhao, University of Oxford
15:55     Invited Talk - Tony Horsewill, University of Nottingham
16:15     Discussion & Wrap Up
16:30     Close

Organising committee:

Prof Roberto Senesi, Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata

Dr Alex O'Malley, University of Bath

Dr Victoria García Sakai, ISIS Molecular Spectroscopy

Dr Hamish Cavaye, ISIS Molecular Spectroscopy

For more information contact: Hamish Cavaye (​

Contact: Cavaye, Hamish (STFC,RAL,ISIS)