ISIS Sandwich Student 2019-2020 - Emily McFarlane
11 Sep 2019






Where do you study?​

I study Physics at University of Exeter

What do you do?

I'm working to improve the optics of the Flynn helium 3 filling station which makes spin filters for polarized neutron experiments. Polarized neutron scattering can examine diffusion in materials.

​What is your favourite thing about the job?

Seeing how much detail that has gone into making the instruments and finding out how they work. The amount of things that are going on here. Everyone here is so passionate about their jobs. And it is really interesing to chat with people about what they are working on.

What skills have you picked up?

Taking initiative. For example, solving problems without asking, solving problems independently.

Which part of your job did you least expect?

How much they actually trust us to make big decisions as students. We're seen as valuable members of the group. How friendly they treat everyone around here.

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Contact: Chander, Vynn (STFC,RAL,ISIS)