ISIS Supporting the European Spallation Source
01 Mar 2018



Staff at ISIS Neutron and Muon Source have been busy continuing their important contributions to several areas of the €1.8Bn European Spallation Source (ESS), currently being built near Lund in southern Sweden.


​On neutron instruments, a major review of the SANS instrument Loki has been passed, and design studies are underway for a reflectometer called FREIA and, in conjunction with colleagues at CNR, a spectrometer called VESPA. In addition, work on data streaming is already proving to be useful to ISIS as well as ESS, with software developed for ESS being demonstrated on LARMOR at ISIS and similar synergies being​ planned for our work on data reduction. ISIS is also aiding the ESS in planning their support laboratories, drawing on our experience as an operating facility. Finally, the UK ESS programme office, which is based at ISIS, continues to oversee all of the UK’s 10% involvement in ESS. ​