ISIS placement student Aziza Al Mugheiry becomes youngest speaker to lecture at British Omani Society
28 Feb 2024



Hailing from Oman, Aziza is the first gulf Arab to be employed by UKRI and was invited to give a lecture at the British Omani Society about the heritage research conducted at ISIS.



​Aziza al Mugheiry, a Physics and Astronomy undergraduate at Cardiff University, is currently completing an industrial placement in Development of Online Scientific Training for Neutron and Muon Experiments at ISIS Neutron and Muon Source. At 19 years old, she is the first GCC national to be employed by UKRI and her role here is a milestone for gulf Arab representation in science.

On February 21st, she became the youngest ever speaker at the British-Omani Society since its inception in 1976. Her lecture was entitled 'How Modern Science Unravels the Secrets of the Ancient Worlds' which covered a brief history of subatomic and particle physics, as well as how neutrons and muons were first discovered, and how they contribute to materials science research.

As her lecture approached, Aziza said “Some of the most significant figures of Oman and Britain have delivered phenomenal lectures over the years at the Society. It feels rather unsettling and exhilarating simultaneously to be invited!"

Aziza's lecture particularly focused on how neutrons and muons have shed light on artefacts from the Roman Empire and Ancient Egypt. “The sciences are not in a world of their own – they are tools to help us learn about the world, from our histories to our biology," Aziza enthused. “Personally, my favourite are the animal statues from Ancient Egypt. For centuries, it was uncertain what those statue-like objects contained and whether any animal remnants were inside. The saying, 'X-ray vision' is possible with physics!"

The lecture was well attended and warmly received, with so many questions afterwards that Aziza needed to point out the numerous examples of research here at ISIS.

“I've only ever done 15-minute presentations at university so an hour's lecture at a society representing my birth country and the country I am having these amazing opportunities in felt very daunting! But it was a unique opportunity and a fantastic challenge."

Contact: Oliver, Alison (STFC,RAL,ISIS)