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31 Dec 2023



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18 May 2023

​University of Sheffield – ISIS Joint PhD Studentship

Laying deep foundations for operando muon spectroscopy experiments of ionic diffusion at ISIS
Supervisors: Prof Serena Cussen and Dr Innes McClelland (Sheffield), and Dr Peter Baker (ISIS)
Understanding how fast ions move through materials is vital for the design and optimization of next-generation energy materials and devices. While ionic diffusion rates can be evaluated electrochemically, such methods often see extrinsic properties of the device being measured, rather than the intrinsic properties of the materials. Muon spectroscopy (μSR) is able to measure the intrinsic ionic motion within materials as long as the ion of interest has a nuclear magnetic moment. This PhD project will aim to develop a suite of operando cell equipment and experimental methodologies for electrochemical and µSR experiments, while working closely with the Faraday Institution's FutureCat project to investigate the structure-property relationships of exciting new cathode materials.
Further details are available at FindAPhD here​.


​11 May 2023

Simulation Meets Molecular Spectroscopy (SiMolSpec) Meeting (30th Oct-1st Nov)
The Molecular Spectroscopy Group at the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source will be hosting a special edition of their User Group Meeting this autumn. The meeting will be focused on the synergy that exists between simulation methods and neutron spectroscopy. This will include both how simulations can be used to extract more information content from neutron data, as well as how neutrons can be used to parametrise and feed into simulation models. In addition, we will also talk about how neutron spectroscopy is applied to different science areas. We warmly invite members of both the simulation community and neutron spectroscopy community to present talks both of an experimental and simulation nature. This will be an opportunity to meet members of a different community, with similar research interests, and form new collaborations. There will be a chance to present posters in a mixer session, as well as give flash presentations for selected posters.

ISIS advertisement:

22 March 2023

The ISIS BioLabs facility is key in supporting one of the four ISIS scientific challenge areas – Life sciences and Healthcare. The labs are crucial for delivering the ISIS strategic goals set in the ISIS Scientific Strategy 2022-25.​

​​We are in the middle of putting together ISIS BioLab development plan, so that our BioL​abs can expand the range of services and facilities we offer to you, our users. We are aiming to complement the service already provided by other neutron facilities laboratories for neutron beam users and will be collaborating closely with wonderful colleagues from ANSTO and ESS.

​​To help us to shape up the strategy around our user needs, please complete a short questionnaire using the following link ​​. Feel free to be as detailed or as concise as you like.

​​Your opinion really matters, and we would be very grateful for sharing it with us.

​​As always, do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to discuss further.

​​​ Dr Ludmila M​ee​

ISIS BioLabs Manager

​14 March 2023

Joint PhD studentship between STFC ISIS and the University of Manchester:​

Online Structural Investigations of Advanced Porous Materials for A Net Zero Future

More ​information can be found here:​

Enquiries from potential candidates should be sent to​​

8 March 2023​

​​Rome and the Coinages of the Mediterranean, 200BCE – 64CE’ RACOM Conference, to be held in The British School at Rome, Italy, April 17th & 18th 2023

​The ERC funded RACOM project is examining financial and monetary strategies of the Roman and Hellenistic worlds from c.150 BCE to a major coin reform in c. 64 CE, by providing a detailed 

and reliable set of analyses of the chemical composition of all major silver coinages of the period, obtained by taking samples from deep within the coins.

​As the analytical section of the project draws to a close, the team are hosting a two-day international conference on ‘Rome and the Coinages of the Mediterranean’, with ~ 20 invited speakers comprising RACOM team members, postdoctoral fellows, members of our advisory panel and other experts in the field who are now collaborating with the team on interpreting the new data.​

The conference will be a hybrid event, with the opportunity to attend in person (in Rome) or on-line via Zoom.

Additional information and REGISTRATION details can be found HERE.

Kind Regards,
The RACOM Team

1 March 2023
Post-doc position announcement in the field of crystallography with the special emphasis on high-pressure studies

The post is available at the University of Warsaw, Department of Chemistry. The announcement is both in Polish and English​

If you have any questions please contact Katarzyna Jarzembska (​)

14 February 2023

Save the date for the Simulation Meets Molecular Spectroscopy (SiMol) Meeting, 30th Oct – 1st Nov 2023

This year’s Molecular Spectroscopy User Meeting will take on a slightly different format, as we incorporate a special focus, making the most of simulation and neutron spectroscopy data together. We aim to answer the following: “How simulation can aid the interpretation of neutron spectroscopy measurements and how neutron spectroscopy data help simulations”.  The event is scheduled to take place at Milton Hill House from the 30th of October till the 1st of November. This venue is close to the ISIS site, with good public transport links. At this point we encourage you to save the date in your calendar. 

We especially welcome members of the simulation community to attend, to hear about the potential opportunities of working closely with neutron experimentalist. We will showcase successful examples in a number of science areas [do we want to say what these are?] and we will host a mixer session where we will aim to pair simulators and experimentalists with similar research interests. 

There will be a chance for poster presentations for senior academics and PhD students, as well as a breadth of presentations ranging across themes of Catalysis, Energy Materials and Soft Matter. 

Best regards,​
​Mona Sarter

On behalf of the ISIS Molecular Spectroscopy Group and the Molecular Spectroscopy User Group Liaison Team

​​10 February 2023​

​​The ISIS Facility, ILL, the Institute of Physics Magnetism and Neutron Scattering groups and Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems (MPIPKS, Dresden) are organising the 21st Theoretical and Experimental Magnetism Meeting (TEMM2023) on 21-22nd June 2023. TEMM2023 will be held in-person at the Cosener's House, Abingdon (near Oxford, UK).
The meeting is intended for anybody who is interested in current research in magnetism and superconductivity from both the experimental and theoretical perspective. Students and post-doctoral researchers are especially welcome.​

Full meeting information may be found at

There is no registration fee for attending the meeting.​  Deadline for registration is Monday 1 May 2023

1 February 2023

The Gordon Research Seminar on Neutron Scattering will be held from June 24 to 25, 2023 at the Four Points Sheraton / Holiday Inn Express (Ventura, CA, United States).    

The registration and abstract submission are now open! We invite all graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and early-career scientists to submit an abstract for the GRS.

The Neutron Scattering GRS is a forum for early-career scientists from different communities of soft and condensed matter with a wide range of scientific and technical expertise. A particular focus of the seminar will be the role of the neutron, as a powerful probe of multifunctional and sustainable materials, in addressing environmental societal challenges. 

The se​minar will be followed by the 2023 Gordon Research Conference on Neutron Scattering. The meeting will feature keynote lectures, oral presentations from submitted abstracts, poster sessions with plenty of time for social events and networking in a friendly environment.
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