Linac tank 4
01 Mar 2018



A project is underway to replace the ISIS linac’s venerable Tank 4.


​ A two-metre-long test section has proved the vacuum and radio-frequency (RF) characteristics successfully, with a Q-factor in excellent agreement with simulations. Assembly and testing of key components is well underway, such as compact magnet coils, yokes and cooling systems, as well as newly designed drift tubes (see image) which will improve RF power efficiency by 25%. Full-power RF testing is due to commence on the test section in October 2017, before the area is reconfigured to accept the real twelve-metre long tank. An order worth £750k was placed for the tank to be made in the Netherlands and it is expected in June 2018. There will then be a period of soaktesting to confirm its validity, before it is installed in the ISIS linac. ​​

Follow this link for the latest update on the Linac Tank 4 project.