Tallent Academy for Secondary Students
03 Feb 2019



Michael Vich, ELI Beamlines


​​Parallel Session 7​: Finding the next Science Superstar 
Wednesday 10 April 10:15 - 12:0​0​​​

ELI Beamlines organize annually the event for secondary students called Tallent Academy. A group of 12 secondary students spend whole weekend (Friday – Sunday) in ELI Facility with a group of our researchers.

In April we announce on Facebook profile the scientific tasks (simple maths, physics and optics tasks) for secondary students, we spread these tasks among the secondary schools, teachers and students. Till the end of June students have time to solve the tasks and send them back to us. A team of our researchers read the answers and evaluate them. Twelve best students we contact and invite to spend a weekend in ELI labs. These twelve students arrive in September to ELI facility. 

We divide into three groups (4 students in a group). Each group has its adviser – ELI researcher. The students receive a list of scientific tasks (e.g. make a liquid filter for laser system) to do during the weekend. They are solving the problems in cooperation in their group and discuss the problems with the adviser.

All three groups have the same tasks but the way to solve them is up to them. They have 48 hours to solve the tasks. Very often they do not have time and do not want to go to sleep! On Sunday afternoon we organize a little scientific conference where the students present their work  and where they have to wear formal clothes. At the end they receive the certificate of attendance. To the best students is offered closer cooperation on ELI scientific and education events and cooperation ​with our research teams.

Contact: Fletcher, Sara (STFC,RAL,ISIS)