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I have been working with cryogenic systems since 1994, firstly as a technician for Oxford Instruments building, testing and installing cryogenic systems and from there I moved to my current role as Senior Cryogenics Technician at ISIS.

I have been employed within the Sample Environment group since 2006 where I am involved in the support of the ISIS scientific program which includes the preparation, operation, maintenance and repair of Kelvinox, Kelvinox JT, Triton and TBT dilution fridges, sorption cryostats, Helium flow cryostats, cryogenic sample sticks, constant temperature re-circulators, magnet systems and vacuum equipment; I also liaise with instrument and visiting scientists regarding changing experimental requirements.​

I particularly enjoy operating the range of dilution and 3He refrigerators that the Cryogenics team deliver to the scientific program and meeting with the users and scientists to ensure their needs and expectations are met.

My hobbies are motorbikes, touring on motorbikes and Archery (you can't try it until you nock it)​.​