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I am currently involved in the development and testing of the ISISSAT low temperature dry cryogenics system. I am also working on development and performance improvement of the ISIS low temperature dry top loading systems.

I am a senior cryogenics technician for  the ISIS Experimental Operations Division Sample Environment Group. I have been in my present role for 6 years. My current responsibilities involve the set up and support of low temperature experiments and working on the design, development and testing of new cryogenic systems. I am also the sub section leader for closed cycle refrigerator systems.

I have worked at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory since 1994 starting as a mechanical apprentice. In 1998 on completing a 4 year apprenticeship and gaining an ONC in mechanical production engineering I joined the ISIS Accelerator division as a mechanical machinist and assembly technician. Here I spent 3 years working in the ISIS mechanical workshop, target, accelerator and ISIS synchrotron areas. In 2001 I joined the ISIS sample environment group as a cryogenic support technician and in 2007 having gained more experience in ultra-low temperature cryogenics and a HNC in mechanical production engineering was promoted to a senior technician.