Muon Jamboree!
03 Sep 2021







13th – 16th December, 2021

This December we are hosting a series of meetings bringing together a

  • MuSR2020 Science Day, 13th/14th December 2021
  • ISIS Muon User Meeting, 15th December 2021
  • Illumination Workshop, 16th December 2021

  • The MuSR2020 Science Day is a short science meeting organised by the MuSR2020 conference team, as a foretaste of the long delayed conference (see MuSR2020). The meeting will be held by Zoom. To accommodate different time zones, we are planning to start Session 1 of the meeting at 3pm on Monday 13th December, with Session 2 following 8am on Tuesday 14th December. A programme for the science day can be found here.

  • The ISIS muon group will be running a one day User Meeting, to bring the community up to speed with the latest developments at ISIS. We are hoping to run this meeting in-person using the large lecture theatre available on the RAL campus, but will move on-line if required. Accommodation will be available in Ridgeway House. The meeting will start with coffee at 10am on Wednesday 15th December. A programme for the meeting can be found here​.

  • The jamboree will conclude​ with the Illumination Workshop. Illumination methods play an increasingly important role in muon spectroscopy, so we plan to host an Illumination Workshop to share latest research and ideas for developing this area of work. This is being led by Koji Yokoyama and Mark Telling, and the meeting will be held by Zoom. Session 1 is planned to start at 10:00am on Thursday 16th December. A list of speakers can be found here and the programme will be posted asap

A combined registration page for the meetings is available here​. Note that it's important you register even if planning to attend only the online meetings, as Zoom links will only be sent to registered participants.

We look forward to seeing everyone at these meetings!


Contact: Fletcher, Sara (STFC,RAL,ISIS)