28 Jul 2021



Neutron Irradiation Laboratory for Electronics




The DT source 

NILE in Commission​

NILE is the latest facility at ISIS for the irradiation of electronics and the testing of neutron detectors. It comprises two compact neutron contained with their own shielding 'bunker' in the Second Target Station building at ISIS.

This new facility further extends and complements the existing irradiation capability ChipIr at ISIS by using the compact sources to produce mono-energetic field of neutrons sources (a Deuterium-Tritium source at 14MeV and a Deuterium-Deuterium source at 2.5MeV).

​​​​​​The facility proves a large flexible space to allow irradiation experiments using the sources with numerous cable links to a new bespoke experimental office right next to the shielded bunker.

We envisage many area of use for NILE by the academic and industrial communities:-

  • allowing comparison studies of SEE effects with ChipIr and thermal neutrons
  • method development for SEE testing
  • testing setups prior to using the main ChipIr beamline
  • generic fast neutron detector development
  • more specific detector development and experiments requiring a fast-neutron radiation field
  • training in SEE effects and neutron detector as part of university or industrial courses

NILE operates independently of the ISIS accelerator and so can be used during ISIS shutdown period and is available for academics via the normal ISIS beamtime application.

NILE is looked after the ChipIR team. ​​​Left to Right: Maria ​Kastrio​tou, Carlo Cazzaniga, Christopher Frost 

Industrial user can contact the Chipir team to discuss how we can meet their needs.

Other departments at STFC's Rutherford Appleton Laboratory are also collaborating with ISIS on this new project.

  • RAL Space, one of the lead partners in the SWIMMR - a major UK project that will improve the UK's capabilities for space weather monitoring and prediction, are funding irradiation studies at ISIS as part of this project which includes access to NILE and ChipIr.
  • The Particle Physics Department (PPD) at RAL are using NILE to test detector used in the hunt for Dark Matter.

Please contact ​the ChipIr team with any requirements or ideas on using NILE for your experiments or test.​

Nile Beamline

Nile Interlocks TS2

Contact: Gianchandani, Shikha (STFC,RAL,ISIS)