UK Neutron & Muon Science and User Meeting (NMSUM) 2023
17 Mar 2023



The UK Neutron & Muon Science and User Meeting will take place at Warwick University from 19-21 April 2023.




This meeting, jointly organised by the IoP/RSC Neutron Scattering Group,​ ISIS and ILL, is a chance for UK users of neutrons and muons to hear about latest science using these techniques, together with facility updates and other news of interest to the community. It will take place in the Warwick University Conference centre. 

The structure of the meeting will be:​

  • Wednesday 19 April (11.00am onwards): Student day. A chance for students who are using neutrons or muons in their projects to meet other students, learn more about neutron and muon techniques and present their work.
  • Thursday 20 April (09.00 onwards): Science day. Plenary talks together with parallel sessions based around five themes.  A chance to hear latest results from members of the community.
  • Friday 21 April (09.00 – 13.00): User day. Facility updates and other news of interest to ISIS and ILL users.
Registration for the meeting has now closed.

The information pack for attendees of the meeting is available here: NMSUM_InfoPack_2023.pdf.  All attendees should have received a copy of this by email - please contact the ISIS User Office ( if you haven't received it. The information pack contains the full programme for the meeting as well as practicalities,​ including how to pre-register for car parking.

​Confirmed speakers to-date

Karen Edler (Lund / Bath): "Deep Eutectic Solvents: Structure and Self-Assembly"​
George Green (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford): "Gold, muons and museums: non-destructive analysis of Roman aurei"
Anthony Phillips (QMUL): "Cool and unruly: structurally disordered materials for green refrigeration"
Science day
​Breakout session theme
​Confirmed invited speakers
Energy and functional materials
Chairs: Paz Vaqueiro (Reading), Martin Hollamby (Keele)
​Julia Payne (St Andrews): "Linking Structure and Properties in Energy Materials: From Synthesis to Operando Studies"
Emily Draper (Glasgow): "Understanding the properties small molecule organic electronics through their self-assembly"
David Voneshe​n (ISIS): "Kagome lattice floppy modes in the thermal barrier material La2Zr2O7"
Alan Drew (Queen Mary): "Structure-function relationships in carbon anodes for Na ion batteries"
​Magnetism and superconductivity
Chairs: Abbie McLaughlin (Aberdeen), Peter Baker (ISIS)

​Sian Dutton (Cambridge): “Achieving free-spin-like magnetocaloric effect in dense magnetic lattices”
Liam O’Brien (Liverpool): “Investigating spin transport in metallic heterostructures with the aid of PNR”
Sam Moody (Durham): “Using an Electric-Field-Controlled Mechanism for the Deflection of Magnetic Skyrmions”
Alberto Rodriguez Velamazan (ILL): “The hybrid molecule-based A2[FeCl5·H2O] family: A new (old) approach to magnetoelectric coupling​”​
Molecular systems and catalysis 
Chairs: Alexander O’Malley (Bath), Mi Tian (Manchester)

​Matthew Potter (UCL): "Combining neutron scattering techniques to understand porous catalyst design and reactive pathways"
Adam Michalchuk (Birmingham): "Exploring the mechanisms of mechanochemical reactivi​ty by neutron scattering and simulation"
Marta Falkowska (Manchester):  "Probing catalytic systems by total neutron scattering"
Mohamed Aouane (ILL): "Endofullerenes: Probing dynamics in confinement"
​Biosciences and soft matter 
Chairs: João Cabral (Imperial), Vicky Garcia Sakai (ISIS)

​Christian Pfrang (Birmingham):​ "Atmospheric Oxidation of Surfactants"
Lorna Dougan (Leeds): "Multiscale structure and mechanics of folded protein networks: from single proteins to functional biomaterials"​
Mona Sarter (ISIS)​: "Data analysis of dynamics in protein solutions using QENS- new insights from polarised neutrons"
Chris Lorenz (King's College London)​​: "Understanding the structure and dynamics of soft nanoparticles with molecular dynamics simulations and scattering"
Engineering, Imaging and Cultural Heritage
Chairs: Lewis Owen (Sheffield), Antonella Scherillo (ISIS)​
​Anna Fredrigo (ISIS): "Neutron techniques for cultural heritage – some successful stories"
Ranggi Ramadhan (Bristol): "Mechanical surface treatment studies by Bragg edge neutron imaging"

Contact: ISIS User Office