02 Mar 2015



The Durham Magneto Optics NanoMOKE3 is a high-performance magnetooptical magnetometer and Kerr microscope, capable of both laser magnetometry and video Kerr microscopy. The instrument will detect longitudinal, transverse and polar magnetooptical Kerr phen




Common research applications of such equipment include:

  • Thin film magnetism
  • Spintronics or magneto-electronics
  • Patterned magnetic media
  • Magnetic nanotechnologies such as MRAM
  • Recording heads and field sensors
  • Domain imaging

Key features of the NanoMOKE3 instrument include:

  • Ultra-high sensitivity and stability to <0.02% reflectivity and 0.5 mdeg polarisation changes
  • Laser spot focussed to as small as 2 μm
  • Rapid and precise computer controlled laser raster mirror system
  • Real-time viewing of magnetic domains (4 fps video capture) and photographic capture quality for bright, sharp images taken in polar Kerr, longitudinal Kerr and reflectivity contrast modes
  • High-sensitivity CCD sensor for Kerr and reflectivity imaging at 30 fps and 512 x 512 pixels
  • Fully automated alignment of the laser and optics
  • LX Pro 3 software for complete instrument control: positioning of the laser, application of complex field patterns, recording hysteresis loops and post-processing of results to remove noise and artifacts and gather key parameters such as remanence and coercivity. It also allows real-time display of images during rastering, capture of photographic quality pictures and basic image processing such as contrast and brightness adjustment and profile measurement.
  • The standard setup uses a quadropole magnet, allowing fields to be applied in any direction (X and Y can be controlled seperately) within the plane of the sample. Field waveforms can be generated under computer control, up to 0.12 T
  • An optional dipolar electromagnet is also available, for application of fields in the sample plane up to 0.46 T
  • Cryogenic sample stage allowing measurements in the temperature range of 4.2 to 500 K with liquid helium (can be used with the dipolar magnet only).

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