New partnership will expand Canadian access to ISIS Neutron and Muon Source
27 Sep 2023



A new collaborative agreement between ISIS Neutron and Muon Source and Neutrons Canada will open doors for the Canadian research community by providing enhanced access to UK neutron infrastructure.

Translucent UK and Canadian flags overlaid, with the ISIS starburst pattern on top.



Canadian researchers have been without access to neutron beams since 2018, when the National Research Universal reactor at Chalk River closed and Canada's only agreement with a foreign neutron source, the USA's Spallation Neutron Source, expired.

Under the new collaboration agreement with Neutrons Canada​, ISIS is welcoming proposals from Canadian researchers for experiments to be conducted immediately and up to March 2025. ISIS will c​over the travel costs for up to two researchers per experiment, as well as the beam time fees for preferential access. Funding for this programme is provided through the UK International Science Partnerships Fund (ISPF).

“Forging partnerships with high-brightness neutron sources in other countries is a key objective of the national strategy to rebuild Canadian capacity for materials research with neutron beams," said Dr John Root, interim Executive Director of Neutrons Canada. “We will collaborate with ISIS on activities to help Canadian researchers access the high-quality neutron beamlines at ISIS and foster a long-term scientific partnership between Canada and ISIS."

“We welcome Canadian researchers at ISIS," said Dr Philip King, ISIS Associate Director for Partnerships and Programmes. “Canadians have been pioneers in the techniques and applications of neutron scattering for over 70 years, from the early development of triple-axis spectroscopy to the later industrial applications of neutron scattering to address engineering problems. We look forward to scientific exchanges that will benefit both the United Kingdom and Canada."

Looking ahead, Neutrons Canada and ISIS will work closely to publicise this unique opportunity to Canadian researchers and evaluate proposals from Canadian researchers. They will also explore further partnerships as part of the Canadian Neutron Long-Range Plan for the coming decade.

“This agreement with ISIS is Neutrons Canada's first international collaborative partnership," said Dr Root, “and we acknowledge the leadership shown by Professor Drew Marquardt at the University of Windsor in laying groundwork that created this opportunity, which will benefit researchers all over Canada."

Canadians who wish to take advantage of the opportunity for beam time at ISIS may consult the ISIS website for details​.

Contact: Richardson, Stephanie (STFC,RAL,ISIS)