Neutron relectometry online course materials now available
04 Jan 2022



The reflectometry group at ISIS recently ran the first fully virtual reflectometry training course.




All course materials are now freely available on the course website.​

Summary of the reflectometry course

The course consisted of 10 lectures and 10 practical sessions and was held on four days spread over two weeks. It was delivered entirely via Zoom, while using the IDAaaS environment for interactive practicals. The course received applications from 15 different countries and in the end 50 students were selected to be taught by 17 tutors - both from ISIS and from overseas facilities (NIST and ANSTO).

The course, organised by Maximilian Skoda and Luke Clifton, was designed to empower both novices of the technique​, as well as more experienced facility users to perform data processing and analysis on their own, with minimal help from facility staff. This is important, since the major bottleneck delaying or preventing publication of good data is its analysis and interpretation.

The oversubscribed course was extremely well received, with the practical sessions being very popular. Here, participants could work though real life data analysis examples on their own, while being supervised and aided individually by tutors.

All course materials are freely available on the course website, and the lecture recordings will also be made publicly available in the near future, to serve as online learning resources.

Due to the great success, the organisers envisage the course to be held at regular intervals in addition to the usual residential neutron training course, where only a small number of students can be taught each year.​​

Contact: Skoda, Maximilian (STFC,RAL,ISIS)