PhD Studentships with the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source
31 Jan 2019
- Rosalind Davies



Applications are now open for PhD positions co-funded by the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source.




These are co-funded studentships, normally 50% funded by ISIS and 50% by a university, which contain an element of facility development. For example, the development of equipment, software or experimental processes. Studentships have an ISIS supervisor and a university supervisor who work in partnership throughout the student's project. Over recent years, ISIS has funded around 40 of these studentships across a wide range of topics and university partners. A full list of the studentships supported to-date can be found here​.

Applications are now open through the relevant university websites. 

2019 IS​IS PhD Studentship Opportunities

Title: Flexibil​ity under pressure: a new pressure cell for understanding excitations in barocaloric framework materials (Position Filled)​
ISIS Supervisor: Dr Helen Walker​
University Supervisor: Dr Anthony Phillips
University: Queen Mary, University of London

Title: Negative muons as a new local probe of n​ovel magnetic oxides (Position Filled)​
ISIS Supervisor: Dr Francis Pratt
University Supervisor: Professor Stephen Blundell​
University: University of Oxford​

Title: Opto-Electronic Control of Magnetism
ISIS Supervisors: Professor Sean Langridge and Dr Andrew Car​uana
University Supervisor: Dr Oscar Cespedes
University: University of Leeds​

Title: A Solvothermal Reaction Cell for in situ Neutron Scattering of Crystallisation (Position Filled)​
ISIS Supervisors: Dr Ron Smith and Helen Playford
University Supervisor: Professor RIchard Walton
University: University of Warwick

Title: Reactions in Deep Eutectic Solvents: Time-resolve​d studies of structure control via solvent bonding​ (Position Filled)​
ISIS Supervisor: Dr Daniel Bowron
University Supervisor: Professor Karen Edler
University: University of Bath

Title: Graphite and MAX Phases: Examination of Nuclear Materials with Two-dimensional Nanostructures
ISIS Supervisor: Dr Joe Kelleher
University Supervisor: Dr Dong Liu
​University: University of Bristol

Title: Understanding chromotropic and spin-crossover materials with combined in-situ Neutron Diffraction and Raman Spectroscopy
ISIS Supervisor: Dr Silvia Capelli
University Supervisor: Dr Richard​​ Jones​
University: ​University of Keele​

2019 ISIS-Diamond PhD Studentship Opportunities

Title: Combined modulation excitation neutron and X-ray methods to understand catalytic systems
Diamond Supervisor: Sofia Diaz-Moreno
ISIS Supervisor: Daniel Bowron
University Supervisor: Christopher Hardacre
University: University of Manchester

Title: Revealing the interface structure and chemistry of working battery electrodes
Diamond Supervisors: Dave Grinter, Georg Held
ISIS Supervisor: Jos Cooper
University Supervisor: Robert Weatherup
University: University of Manchester

Title: Soft-templated 3D nanostructured semiconductors
Diamond Supervisors: Nick Terrill, Chris Nicklin
ISIS Supervisor: Diego Alba Venero
University Supervisor: Iris Nandhakumar
University: University of Southampton

ISIS-Faraday Institution Studentship Opportunity

The Faraday Institution and ISIS Neutron & Muon Source will offer a joint stud​entship at the University of Southampton, on the subject of "In-situ reaction mechanism and material speciation determination in operational batteries". More information will be available when the post is advertised on the Faraday Institution PhD webpage

ISIS-UK Catalysis Hub Studentship Opportunities

​Current studentship opportunities at the UK Catalysis Hub, also on the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, can be found on their studentships webpage
Contact: de Laune, Rosie (STFC,RAL,ISIS)